Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To everybody who saw the PBS documentary and is looking to donate to the Hungku Water Project the address to send your checks is:

Moses Saiba Account

31 Circle St

Marblehead, MA, 01945

Thank you to everyone who sent encouraging words in response to the Frontline Documentary about my work in West Papua, Indonesia.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Money continues to "dribble" into the Hungku Water Project. I was able to send a check in January, the result of poster sales made at the lecture and film and show at Montseratt School of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts and a large donation from Kim Harbin. In March, John Moore of the West Papua Action Network met with moses and sons in Manokwari and returned with photographs and the assurance the Hungku Water Project money remains safely in the Bank Mandiri. He says money has been pinpointed for this area, but must first get by the local politicians. Dan Lunow of TEAM is presently at Anggi Lakes and will visit Moses in Hungku. We will hope for news in July and then I will return in September.

The April event at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem,
Massachusetts was well attended and the crowds' enthusiasm was
inspirational. Joe Puleo ( recorded the event and two of my favorite veterinarians traveled
many miles to support the Bower Bird (even bearing gifts). Joe even captured this image from the film The Clever One shown on a large screen.

Posters are now being sold at my gallery in Marblehead,
Massachusetts and at Windhover Bird Clinic in Walpole,

My documentary will be shown at the end of the Frontline/World show on June 29th at 9pm on PBS. It will be a small section of my trip to Indonesia. If you miss it or are unable to get it please find it on the web at Frontline/World afterward.