Sunday, November 2, 2008

I just returned from three weeks in Indonesia where I worked on the Hungku Water Project and continued to paint adding to the "Storm Series" and Jembaran Bay "Fish Series". In Irian the Water Project is under way. The missionary with the funds will be in the Arfak Mountains with Chief Mose Saiba for two months and supervise the work of the engineer who has designed the project. I'll hope to have a progress report in December. We have six of the twenty thousand dollars required for this project, but this is encouraging to the tribe.

The documentary on the Bower Birds in Hungku, "The Clever One" was shown on a wide screen to a small group in Ubud, Bali who have met and aided the Irian Chief Moses Saiba. It was met with enthusiasm especially by the children who also share a love of birds. Hopefully, it will be on P.B.S. soon.

Five New canvases for the "Fish" and "Storm" were removed from their canvas stretchers in Ubud and now await re-stretching on their US standard equivalents.